Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Is George Bush Crazy?

War Reparations?!

It might be a good thing for the USA if he is!

If doing the same thing over and over and hoping for different results is one definition of insanity, does George Bush qualify as insane?

Is that what Bush is doing in the “Iraq Surge.” Throwing good money after bad. Throwing fresh troops after dead and wounded. What can he possibly hope to accomplish?

Bush is doing this in contrast to his usual behavior of doing the same thing over and over and hoping for the SAME results. Unfortunately, for us, his usual behavior is that of a greasy used car salesman. It’s not just the old stale line about WMD that got us into the war. Go back. Listen to his state of the union speeches. They are classic used car salesman pitches. Promises, promises and all about things that we want to hear and which he has absolutely no plans to implement. Education, health care, prison issues, he has absolutely no interest in these things. He’s just making a slick sales pitch for a product he knows we will not examine carefully before we take it home.

Look further back. A couple of years ago he announced we were going to Mars. The planet Mars. When, after that first month, have you heard more about a mission to Mars. At the time he was laughed at because it was so extremely out of character for him. But it was only noticeable because it was so far out for him. It was still just the same old “bait and don’t even bother to switch” that ‘W’ always gives us. Halliburton doesn’t launch or design spacecraft.

He ruined the Texas school system, he ruined the Texas health care system, and he ruined the Texas prison system. Now he’s doing more of the same at the national level. That’s George doing what he always does and praying for the same results. The results that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld & Rice, Inc (B,C,R&R Inc.) are being paid to produce by the Halliburton good old boys.

But the war may be something else. And there’s a good reason we better hope that there’s a difference.

So far there’s been no talk of impeaching Bush. That’s quite surprising given the national disgust with the war coupled with B,C,R&R Inc.’s constant thumbing of their noses at congress and at the American People. On the other hand, as often happens when the boy cries wolf, when the Republican’s used the impeachment of Clinton over nothing as payback for Nixon, the whole country got a sour taste in its mouth for the national pastime of Beltway Bickering. This kind of thing can happen at the most unfortunate time. What better example of a president who needs to be impeached than Bush? The man has no regard for anyone, save perhaps those lining his pockets, and he’s egregiously flaunting his authority with that, “I’m the decider.” nonsense. Certainly he gets to give the order to send in the troops, but he does not get to mire the country in an offensive, immoral and unwanted war when everyone, save those profiting by the war, are against the war.

Another reason why there’s been no talk of impeachment, I think, is that an impeachment of Dubya would be a blueprint to charge Bush and the joint chiefs with war crimes and then to come after the rest of us for war reparations.

Think of it. The war is a fraud. Is there any other way to characterize it? If there’s any doubt of that, look at Colin Powell. When was the last time we heard from him. He’s hiding out hoping the country will forget about his pivotal role in convincing us that Saddam had nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. Powell probably still hopes he can run for president when he turns 98 or 102 years old. I can remember clearly as he spoke and displayed the pictures of the trucks outside the plant he assured us was a chemical weapons plant, that he better know more than he was telling. He was asking us to believe that just because a bunch of trucks were delivering and picking up freight at a warehouse, that we should go to war for longer than WWII, kill over 3,000 and maim over 60,000 of our own people. I remember clearly thinking that what he was claiming was proof meant nothing, unless he knew more than he was telling.

As it turns out, he knew even less than he was telling. It was all a sham. I might be excused for not having made an immediate trip to Washington to stand outside the White House and shout, “Fraud!” Even congress might be forgiven for being gun-shy when B,C,R&R Inc. fabricated the reasons for war because of the mood of the country which would not tolerate dissent. A mood, the depth of which was subsequently demonstrated by the Patriot Act, warrant less phone tapping and warrant less opening of US Mail. But can the people who knowingly fabricated the totally baseless stories of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons be forgiven?

Not guilty by reason of temporary insanity? We better hope so. Russian President Vladimir Putin has already started calling names. And soon the rest of the world isn’t going to quibble over, “Can you call Bush a liar unless you also call Clinton a liar?” the way the US media does.

Unless the Netherlands could successfully invade Washington DC and arrest the Joint Chiefs and B,C,R&R Inc., I don’t see how it could possibly go beyond bluster. But if the world starts calling for the arrest and prosecution of the US military for war crimes, they will be coming after you and me for war reparations. They won’t get it out of you or me, but if you plan on leaving any money to your children or grandchildren, you might want to find a way to hide some of it.

And if you think congress passing gas…..er….non binding resolutions might hurt the delicate morale of our troops, just wait until some people in funny uniforms show up and start trying to arrest people for war crimes. - © 2007 The Chewed End All rights reserved.

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