Sunday, April 01, 2007

“Wine and The Informed Palate” by Seamus O'Bròg

And They’re Off! The contest has begun.

Contest Details: How to Win a Free Copy of the Book:

Wine and The Informed PalateSo if you read my last blog, you’re dying to read my book. But you’re not dying to pay the freight and you can’t wait for the book to hit your local library. What to do, what to do?…………….

Well don’t be all down in the mouth, Bunkie. I’ll tell you want I’m gonna do. I’ll give you the book, not for $100. Not for $50. Not even for $40 or $30 or $20 or $10 or even the low, the rock bottom, the Ronco Ron the Pocket Fisherman Popeil price of 95 cents.

You can win one of 5 copies for free. It’s as easy as falling off a log. Just

  1. go to my website,
  2. read the excerpt from my book you’ll find there,
  3. read the three questions and
  4. eMail me.
    1. eMail me the 3 answers with
    2. your name and
    3. address.

The winners will get free copies of the eBook.

Right now the contest is for 5 books. I’m sure if substantial interest in the contest develops that number will increase.

Ties will be decided by random drawing. The contest will end May 15, 2007. Winner’s First Names only will be posted here on the blog. Naturally, the author, the publisher and their immediate family are not eligible to win the contest.

The book is sold with a limited 100% money back guarantee. The limit is on the guarantee period, not the price. See Guarantee details here.

Please be assured that we never, never, ever sell your address. The only thing we use your information for is to contact you about your purchase of the book.- © 2007 The Chewed End All rights reserved.

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    Seamus O'Bròg is an artist and freelance writer who tries to turn life's irritations into life's lessons.

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