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DomainNames of the Greek and Roman gods!!

Thalia Made Me Do It.

Things I've Found on the Way to Look Up Other Things

I'm not particularly a trivia geek, but now, with broadband, I like to look anything that piques my curiosity. Thus I am always running across interesting things on the way to looking up other things. It's like Hyper-Thoughts or Hyper-Musing. Often by the time I get to the end of the moment's curiosity, I can't even remember what I was first looking for or why I came to the final resting place. Usually this info is readily available on the net, but not all tied together in this knot. Here's the first instalment:

I must have been checking the availability of a DomainName and for some reason I wondered if the gods had their own DomainNames and sites. You can easily find a listing of the gods and you can WHOIS whatever you want. But this particular table just isn't out there. Unfortunately, the thing that's most interesting about the DomainNames of the gods is first, how paltry and common are the websites that own these famous names and second, how few of them are actual websites.

And I mean boring to the max. Try plugging in www. + a god's name. + com, net and org. About 59% are software or hardware related companies. Naturally the net geeks were first to realize the value of the names of the gods. Unfortunately, it looks like they are the last to realize that to reach any portion of the real potential of these names, the name has to be coupled with a product, company, image or concept that energizes the name. Another 39% are just placeholders. Either unavailable sites, junk sites with an offer to sell the DomainName or some other come on.

Only about 2% seem to have any pizazz to them:

  • looks like a secret site. Either it's a placeholder and ad for NetBox web services or it's a super secret site and you have to know the way in.
  • is a well known ISP
  • If you're male and still alive, or female and looking for a bathing suit, I can recommend For the gentlemen I further recommend the "Other Cover-ups" page. (I had to go back to the page 5 times just to get the spelling of "Cover-ups" correct.) Not the page with the most skin, but definitely the most beautiful swimwear and women. Actually I'm kind of amazed this site isn't a household word site like Unless I'm in the dark here.
  • Not to denigrate anyone's contribution but, after, and net are big disappointments., net and org even more so.
  • Thank God for the Mars candy company which got it's start in my home town, Chicago, unless I'm mistaken. They have a site and a company which at least reasonably approaches the size of the god's name. Looks like they're a little more than Mars Bars now.
  • is the Amateur Radio Disaster Services site. MMmmmmm....must have been amateur radio emergency services (ares) at one time. At least this site seems to have the gravitas one might hope for.
  • really IS a secret site that just asks for a password. Très frais.
  • = just plain strange. Too much or too little bacchanalia there me thinks.
  • is another site that begins and ends at index.html. It does show you a beautiful detail of Bacchus from some painting.
  • & .org is a portal (yawn) to a french site about Duval, Pannier and Ruinart (bigger yawn) champagne. They might be very fine sparkling wines, but believe me, Dionysus was not about the gentrified consumption of refined champagne. At least not after the 3rd or 4th day.
And that's it for now. I've gone through both Roman and Greek versions of Zeus, Hera, Venus, Ares, Bacchus .com, .net and . org, 30 sites, and only,, and were interesting. will be worth another look for the suits (women) and accessories (men) and to see just how really weird it is, but so far that's it. If anyone finds anything of further interest, please leave a comment. Thanks! - © 2007The Chewed End All rights reserved.

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Iacchus said...

Yeah, I always used to think the stories of the Greek gods and goddesses were "weird," that is, until I discovered how it related to me.

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